I don’t know if I would call my personal project “7” series a prototype for Immortal Mirror, or just a different project altogether. In either case though, the characters for that series were always fun to draw. This is Cyrus, one of the main characters that was for “7 Suns” (it had several different names, but this was a widely used name). In the story he and Blaise, his sister’s best friend, drowned in a river.

They were resurrected in another world, and immediately imprisoned, then forced to partake in a gladiator tournament. This tournament was to choose the new king, as the old one had died. If they won, they became king, but if they lost, they were killed if they survived the match. In order to even have a chance at winning, Cyrus had to merge his soul with a phoenix, and Blaise with a fox spirit.


This was made with CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX 1.6.6

Total Time: Approx. 18 hours


All content, including the character, belongs to me.

Do not duplicate, modify, or redistribute the image or characters without my permission.

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