Commercial Commissions


Commercial Commission Status: Closed

There four (4) types of commercial commissions that I accept.  Each type of commission has different versions depending on how much content is to be drawn.  These are base prices and may fluctuate depending on complexity of what was asked.

The commission will be sent via e-mail as an attachment with the following:

  • Full quality with no signature .PNG and .JPG file.
  • Full quality .PSD, .CLIP, or .SAI file.
    • Some layer information may be lost in PSD files due to effects that only work with the programs I use.
Linework TypeBase Price
Full Body$40
Full Color Cell TypeBase Price
Full Body$70
Full Color Painted TypeBase Price
Full Body$100
Add-on TypePrice
Extra Character+ %75 Base Price
Simple Background$30
Complex Backgroundx 2 Base Price

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